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  • What kind of awning should I choose? Nowadays there are a lot of variety of awnings that can be installed in the same place, but even so it is always advisable to consult a professional to advise us on which is the awning that best suits our needs and the place where it will be installed. .
  • Are all awnings the same? Although they start with basic concepts, each awning has characteristics designed according to how we should obtain the shade or protect ourselves from the wind or rain, so when choosing an awning, it is convenient to put aside the aesthetics and pay attention to the shade needs and the climate where it is located.
  • Can I install the awning myself? Although nothing prevents the customer from installing their own awning, and however simple the operation of an awning may seem, there are many technical factors that ensure the durability and proper functioning of an awning, so it is always better to leave this work in the hands of qualified professionals, since a badly installed awning can lead to accidents and breakage of the same or the place where it is installed.
  • How long does an awning last? Depending on its use and the amount of solar radiation it receives, an awning and all its components normally have a useful life of between 5 and 10 years, and in areas where solar radiation is very strong, the use of systems that They hide the fabric from the sun when not in use, they extend its useful life significantly, this is how in some places you can see box awnings that are 15 years old and still work perfectly.
  • If a piece of my awning breaks, should I change it for a new one? Awnings are made up of a set of independent parts, so if your awning for any reason has a component that is not working properly, it can be replaced with a new one without any problem, without having to change the whole set.
  • Are the awnings waterproof? Although they are designed to protect us from the sun, the materials and fabrics of the awnings are waterproof, although their use as a roof is not recommended, they are capable of withstanding rain and winds depending on their intensity.
  • Can I motorize my manual awning? In most cases it is entirely possible, although it is always necessary to check if the equipment has the characteristics for the installation of the motor, and if the type of awning meets the conditions.
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