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Frequently asked Questions: 1. What kind of awning should I choose? Nowadays there is plenty of awnings that can be installed in one place, but still it is always advisable to consult a expert to advise us what the awning that fits more to our needs and the place in which it will be installed. 2. Are all awnings equal? Apart from the basics, each awning has characteristics designed depending on how we get the shade or protection from the wind or rain, so when choosing a shade, you should ignore the aesthetic and emphasise the your needs and climate where you are living. 3. Can I install the awning myself? While nothing prevents that the customer install his own awning, and it may seem simple operation, there are many technical factors that ensure durability and smooth operation. So it's always best to leave this job in the hands of the experts because an improperly installed awning can lead to accidents and damage. 4. How long does an awning last? Depending on how it's used and the amount of solar radiation received, an awning and all its components normally have a lifespan of between 5 and 10 years, and in areas where solar radiation is very strong, utilization of systems hide the fabric from the sun when not in use, this extends the duration of its useful life significantly. We have installations that are still in use after 15 years. 5. If a part breaks in my awning, do I need to replace everything? Awnings consist of a set of independent parts, so if for some reason your awning has a component that is not working properly, we can easily replace it with a new one without any problem, without the need to change the whole system. 6. Are awnings waterproof ? Awning are primarily designed to give shade from the sun, even though the materials and fabrics are waterproof tarpaulins, they are not recommended to be used like a roof, yet they are able to withstand rain and its strong winds. 7. I can motorize my manual awning? In most cases it is entirely possible, although it is always necessary to check whether the mechanism has the features necessary for the installation of the engine, and that the type of awning meets the required conditions.
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